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Patient Advocacy.

This site promotes Patient Advocacy and Patient Centered Care.                               

Improving communication between healthcare professionals and the people who keep them in business - YOU.

Find out what Patient Advocacy means by using this site.
If you think a Patient Advocate may benefit you then follow the "Contact" link for a free initial assessment to see if we can help you.

Who needs to retain private Patient Advocates?
Basically two categories of people dealing with serious medical issues .
Firstly the patient who is becoming overwhelmed by the intricacies of the complex US health care system and is finding it difficult to navigate their way through it.
Secondly the relative of a patient who wants to be  involved in and manage their relatives care but, for many reasons, is unable to do this. The reasons could be geographic, other family commitments or professional and work commitments.

Definition of Patient Advocate.
Dictionary definitions of the word advocate include . a person who supports , one  who upholds or defends , someone who intercedes on behalf of another  and pleads their case.
If you feel you need any of these services - "CONTACT" us.

In the case of a Patient Advocate performing these functions can reduce stress for patients and relatives giving them more time to concentrate on getting the best treatment and the best result.
A private Patient Advocate should ideally have extensive medical knowledge , knowledge of the system and a compassionate understanding of what it is like to go through a serious medical challenge whether it be personal or supporting a relative.

Patient/ Healthcare Advocate professionals are also found in other roles.
Patient or Healthcare Advocates are employed by Institutions such as Hospitals to interact and work with their patients .These Patient Advocates have to place the needs of the hospital before those of the patient. They are not working for you.

Healthcare and Patient Advocates are also found lobbying for patient rights and healthcare issues in Washington DC.
They are also not working for individual patients.
The gaol of advocacy, should be in the end, to empower the patient to become their own advocate.To stand up for themselves and their rights in an atmosphere of excellent communication and trust.